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Welding hats might come with some wacky prints on them that may not go with what you wear, but they will protect your head and ears while you are on a welding project.

They are great not just for a welder, but a lot of pipefitters, ironworkers, boilermakers, and sprinkler fitters also wear them.

A welding cap will prevent your head, neck and ears from the fiery welding sparks that may end up hurting your ear canal, neck, scalp or eyes, even when wearing protective glasses. 

Last Updated: June 3, 2019

By Gregory Sanders: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding welding caps available for those who are interested in welding. The best 5 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best caps for welding currently available on the market. The FAQ has also been updated.

Best Welding Caps

These caps can come with some not-so-common images on them. They sometimes can make quite a style statement. They can look cool, and are often worn by non-welders as well. However, these caps bring a lot more functionality to a welder than just another accessory.

If you see a welder wearing the flaps on the side, it is more to protect their ears from heat and the UV rays produced by the welding arc than to set a new trend.

Welders working in hot work conditions are also prone to losing hair more rapidly, too. A welding cap helps save them from going bald.


Our Score:94

  • Keeps hair tightly tucked in
  • Material:Cotton
  • Price Range:$

Our Score:85

  • Maximum sweat absorbency
  • Material:Cotton
  • Price Range:$$

Our Score:83

  • Fits well, comfortable
  • Material:Cotton
  • Price Range:$$

Our Score:79

  • One size fits most
  • Material:Cotton
  • Price Range:$

Our Score:74

  • Comfort and breathability
  • Material:Cotton
  • Price Range:$$


The Good

This cap from Revco serves as a welding cap, beanie and a doo rag in one.

It is made of 100% cotton with double-layer protection. It has elastic sewn into the cap so it can expand to fit a slightly larger head size than the indicated size..

It keeps your hair tightly tucked inside. It works great for overhead and vertical welding. Amazon prime friendly for free shipping.

The Bad

It comes in a single size. One size fits all - but of course that depends on what your head size really is.


The Good

Lincoln Electric always produces high-quality products, and it’s carried over to their welding caps - particularly this red, white, and blue one that just screams 'murica.

This one has a trendy print that would pretty much suit everyone. It is made of 100% cotton with an air cushion inserted on the inside of the cap, making it breathable. This is for maximum sweat absorbency.

The high crown design aids ventilation. Seams are flat-stitched for better comfort. It’s machine washable, too, although it’s recommended to hand-wash it.

It is made with lightweight material that has good elasticity, making it suit many head sizes.

The Bad

The elastic used can get annoying at times.


The Good

This Comeaux cap comes in a sophisticated solid grey color. It has 6 panels and is made of pure cotton. It has a soft brim and is reversible.

It is medium-crowned in order to cover welder’s ears and neck.

This is made with great forethought and there is no disappointment once you purchase. Comeaux is definitely an industry leader.

The Bad

Make sure it’s what you want before you buy it. They do not have a return policy.


The Good

If you’re looking for power, then look no further than APH Alpha. Dishing out a whopping 200 amps and with a range of 100-220 V, this machine is one of the most flexible on the market.

Combine that with amazing arc stability, AC/DC capability and 60% duty cycle, and you get an excellent tool for even the finest of welds.

The machine can handle anything between 1/4’’ aluminum to 3/8’’ mild steel.

The Bad

BSX Gear makes this cotton beanie for welders. It is made to fit many sizes. Be careful with washing it, as it may shrink. It is not a cap per se and so don’t expect any flaps.


The Good

This Miller Cap comes right from another leader in welding industry. It’s made of 100% cotton and is breathable.

It has a low 6 ½” crown with a soft bill and can be reversed too. It is available in various sizes.

Combine that with amazing arc stability, AC/DC capability and 60% duty cycle, and you get an excellent tool for even the finest of welds.

The machine can handle anything between 1/4’’ aluminum to 3/8’’ mild steel.

The Bad

Make sure it’s what you want before you buy it. They do not have a return policy.

Features To Look For When Buying A Welding Cap

The cap also cushions your head from the uncomfortable parts of wearing a helmet.

To protect the eyes while welding, helmets with special tinted glass are used. While this is a safety measure in itself, a welding cap can further protect your head boiling in the metal container while also providing some cushioning.

Welding caps are also fire retardant and absorbent, helping to wick sweat away from your scalp and keep it from dripping into the eyes.

 Also, welding caps are generally made of cotton, keep them light, comfortable and absorbent. The multiple-panel design makes them easy to fit, and even tuck in your hair if needed. A high-quality welding cap will also have a sweatband.

Flaps on the welding help protect not just your head, but also your neck down to the collar.

Having a cap may not be “required” safety equipment, but it’s definite a great addition to your gear in the field.

Welding Caps Alternatives

Welding With Cap

Don’t get carried away by the simplicity of a welding cap’s design. Baseball caps might be more “in” right now, but they’re not nearly as practical for a welder.

Traditionally, a welder’s cap was stitched by the mother or wife of a welder as a way to make sure their head and neck are covered against the sparks. Leftover fabric was used and multiple panels  were stitched together. Even in commercially-produced designs, the multi-panel design remains prevalent.

With more stringent safety policies and norms, a welding cap is now usually made of pure cotton fabric to manage the heat.

Another option that people choose in place of a welding cap is a bandana. This piece of cloth is good to cover your head but cannot protect your ears.

While purchasing welding cap, keep the following points in mind. It is not complex.

  • The cap should be made out of cotton fabric.
  • It should be two-sided; on with a print of your choice and the inner portion with a solid colour. This makes the material thicker.
  • More panels is better. The more panels, the better it conforms into your head.
  • Chevron Double Right
    The cap should have an extra strip that covers your forehead and ears. This helps absorb sweat and avoids trickling down.
  • Chevron Double Right
    The thread used to stitch the cap should also be cotton. Any other material will burn quickly.
  • Chevron Double Right
    Be sure the cap is designed to cover your neck.

This chart may come in handy while picking a welding cap that fits you. 

  Head Measurement (Inches)
  7 1/8
 22 1/2"
  7 1/4
  7 3/8
 23 1/4"
  7 1/2
 23 3/4"
  7 3/4
 24 1/2"


A welding cap is a great addition to your protective gear and can let you make an unusual fashion statement as well.

Don’t underestimate how much the use of flaps that cover various parts of the upper body can do to protect you.

If you are a welder who works on-field for longs hours, it’s always good to wear one of these caps. It definitely provides some additional security and comfort!

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