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At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

A good welding helmet (protective cap) is imperative while doing any sort of welding.

It shields the user from the radiation (UV, IF) discharged by welding arcs, and from heat and trash sway.

A welding helmet is a standout amongs the most critical pieces of individual defensive equipment a welder can have.

A decent helmet secures the eyes and skin from extreme flashes as well as from conceivably vision-damaging ultraviolet and infrared beams radiated by the arc.

Welding head protectors are accessible in an extensive variety of graphics and colors, making them a welder's most customized accessory. One of the most important searches you will probably make as a professional welder is finding the best auto darkening welding helmet.

What really catches out attention are its visual features and appearance, yet it's imperative to search for qualities that best ensure our eyes are well protected. Some of these qualities to watch out for include:

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350  in black

Our Score:90

  • Incredible optical clarity
  • Weight:3.2 pounds
  • Price Range:$$$$
Antra Ah6ADD in light grey

Our Score:84

  • It can be utilized by beginner welders
  • Weight:1.0 pounds
  • Price Range:$$
Jackson Safety in black and yellow

Our Score:83

  • Crystal clear optical clarity
  • Weight:2.0 pounds
  • Price Range:$$

Last Updated: April 3, 2020

By Gregory Sanders: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding auto darkening welding helmet available for those who are interested in welding. The top 3 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the #1 auto darkening welding helmet currently available on the market. The FAQ has also been updated.

Reviews of The Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

1. Lincoln Electric Viking 3350

Lincoln Electric truly broke grounds with their Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 protective helmet series.

The welding helmet had incredible optical clarity, no mutilation, no smearing, and everything was perfectly clear – exactly what you'd anticipate from a 1/1/1/1 evaluated lens.

The helmet was is really comfortable when put on, and with a couple slight adjustments, it will feel like you have been utilizing it for a considerable length of time.

This helmet is useful for novices, hobby welders, as well as professional welders.

The main downside is the gleaming dark outside of the helmet, which scratches effortlessly, particularly in case you're welding in tight spots.

2. Antra AH6 260-0000 

The Antra has a significant huge viewing size, sports 4 arc sensors, and has a pounding mode with a shade 4/5-9/9-13 lens.

The protective cap itself comes in an assortment of wonderful designs. It can be utilized by beginner welders. Experts and everyday welders use it too.

The drawback is that this hemet tends to loosen up and may slide down, depending on the position.

3. Jackson Safety BH3

The Jackson Safety BH3 has a crystal clear optical clarity. It utilizes an exclusive technique known as 'Balder Technology' to accomplish a 1/1/1/1 optical rating.

The protective cap is exceptionally comfortable and comes with numerous headgear acclimations to guarantee it's comfortable for all head shapes.

Another incredible component is the curved front plate of the helmet which lessens fume deflection and heat buildup.

The primary drawback to this protective cap is the lack of a pounding mode, which implies the auto darkening welding helmet is not suitable for all circumstances.

Special mention: Optrel E680

With lots of features and durability, the Optrel E680 is definitely worthy of consideration and is a solid buy. You can read our in depth review here. Its best features include:

  • different shade levels
  • HD lens that doesn't warm color
  • advanced features to maximize vision
  • great battery include
  • spherical lens reduces damage from splatter

What to Look for in an Auto-Darkening Helmet


The heaviness of the helmet is a critical component while considering getting another helmet. For anybody welding extensively, an overwhelming head protector can essentially increase exhaustion.

You will develop fatigue easily. 

Lightweight head protectors make welding more secure, less demanding and more comfortable.

Headgear Comfort

Welding 8 - 12 hours a day will inflict significant damage on even the most experienced welders.

Two or three hundred grams can have a major effect in the event that you weld throughout the day.

Another central point is a comfortable, effectively flexible, and easily adjustable headgear. Since you may be wearing this helmet all through the day, it better be comfortable.

Luckily, innovation has made considerable progress and any better than average hood will accompany decent fitting headgear. Search for something with a cushioned front strap spread for added comfort.

Similarly, try as much as possible to make sure that the headgear is adjustable up, down, forward and back; and that it is effortlessly fixed around your head.

Power Source

Auto-darkening helmets are of powered in various ways. Some make use of replaceable lithium batteries.

Others utilize a blend of solar based cells with user replaceable lithium batteries, while different models utilize solar based power source with a battery to complement. Any of these strategies function admirably.

The decision boils down to individual preference.

Auto-darkening helmets with user replaceable batteries offer the potential for a more aggregate service life of the cap as those with non-user replaceable batteries are by and large expected to have a shorter service life.

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Clarity of Lens

  • Diffusion of Light
  • Accuracy of Vision
  • Angular Dependence
  • Consistent Shade

Clarity of Lens is rated by the EN379 standard using four considerations:

An immaculate rating is 1/1/1/1.

Notwithstanding this shouldn't be a major issue while picking a protective cap, as most lenses are quite easy to see through.

Reaction Time

Reaction time or Response time alludes to the period the lens takes to change from light to dark when the arc is recognized. The snappier the better.

Number of Arc Sensors

Arc sensors are what protect you from getting flashed. A number of sensors range from 2 – 4.

Size of Lens

The standard size of the lens is 2" x 4". The greater the lens size, the more you'll have the capacity to see. This will definitely increase the nature of your work.

Shade Range

Ensure the hood you're purchasing has the right shade range for the kind of welding you'll be doing.

As a reward, search for a protective cap with torch or light modes. It will spare you from taking it off when performing different tasks.

Delay and Sensitivity Settings

Any great welding protective cap will have delay and sensitivity settings. Yet, the best auto darkening welding helmets will have adjustable settings.

Delay: Delay is the measure of time the lens remains dim or dark after the arc is finished.

Sensitivity: This alludes to how bright the arc should be all together for the auto darkening feature to turn on.

Easy-to-understand Controls

There are two sorts of controls: analog or digital.

While it, for the most part, boils down to preference, digital has a tendency to be more precise yet harder to adjust with gloves on. 

Analog can easily be adjusted with gloves on, however, you need to play around with it to get the handles to the appropriate settings.


Which auto darkening welding helmet is best?

The best auto darkening welding helmet is LINCOLN ELECTRIC VIKING 3350 which comes with perfect optical clarity and no smearing. 

Are auto darkening welding helmets good?

Auto darkening welding helmets are good and are really worth the investment. With normal welding helmets you have to take them off as you move from work station to work station, but with ones that darken automatically you can keep on the helmets.

This maximizes your protection while you're working as well as your productivity since you don't need to keep taking it off.

Do auto darkening welding helmets have batteries?

Auto darkening welding helmets have batteries or rely on solar power. Batteries are more popular as a power source, which powers the ability of automatically adjusting to the light. However, solar powered helmets are gaining popularity especially as solar power technology improves. 

How does an auto darkening welding helmet work?

Auto darkening welding helmets work by having technology that detect how much light there is via sensors. The sensors read in the light then make the lens darker or lighter, depending on the incoming light. Because of the sensors and technology, these helmets require a power source such as batteries or solar power.

Are cheap auto darkening welding helmets safe?

Yes. When properly used, auto-darkening welding helmets are as safe as passive welding helmets. In addition, auto-darkening helmets eliminate the need for welders to take their helmets on and off, allowing them to concentrate on their projects and reduce the risk of errors and injuries.


While selecting the right auto darkening welding helmet that will satisfy your needs might, initially, seem daunting bearing in mind the wide variety of convenience, precautions, comfort options, and safety features and personalization options available.

However, the above mentioned qualities should be prioritized ahead of outer appearance of the helmet.

One thing you have to know is that, there is an auto darkening welding helmet out there for each and every welder. Likewise, there exist an helmet for every welder’s budget.

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