Everlast PowerARC 160 STH Review

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everlast 160sth

To put it simply, if you want a good wielding machine from a reputable and trustworthy brand with excellent value for the money, then the Everlast PowerARC 160STH should be your choice.

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POWER: 95%
PRICE: 95%

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If you are thinking about getting an all-around welding machine with adequate power and a handful of useful features, then the Everlast PowerARC 160STH can be a great buy considering the price-to-features ratio.

What Is Everlast PowerARC 160STH Best For?

The Everlast PowerARC 160STH is a versatile little power-packed welding machine that will prove to be very beneficial for the first timers, professionals and DIYers alike.

The dual voltage feature of 120v/220v makes it a perfect choice for heavier use as well.

The best feature of this welder is that it is very easy to set up and can be an efficient tool for even finer welding work that requires attention to detail. The 160STH is capable of providing a precise, controlled welding with the smoothest finish possible.

This is also super light, so that makes it very easy to carry and take it wherever you want. It also has “Hotstart” and “AutoArc” features which make the machine easier to use as well. You can weld quite a lot of different metals including but not limited to copper, aluminum and magnesium with it.

This machine from Everlast has an astounding professional capacity of 35% duty cycle for heavy-duty performance.

All in all, this is a great option for practically anyone. It runs on an IGBT inverter.

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Everlast PowerARC 160STH Pros

Here is a quick list of the pros. Read on to see them in greater detail as we go in more depth with each of them.

  • dual voltage feature
  • lightweight and portable
  • can do ARC & TIG welding
  • HF & lift start options available
  • Stable arc

Dual voltage feature makes it great for pros

The PowerARC 160STH from Everlast comes with a dual voltage feature of 120v/220v which makes it a go-to-device when looking for a pro-level TIG welding machine.

You can simply plug into a generic power source (home or industrial) and have the ability to use it in different locations or to use a different power capacity . You can do the household welding at 120v but with the dual voltage feature you can also use for more time-consuming, heavy-duty jobs with the 220v capability.

Small and lightweight

When you use the PowerARC 160STH, you know that today’s welding machines have come a long way from the old heavy weights of the past.

This is a machine that you can move easily wherever you like with ease, be it your home, your neighbor’s house, your relatives’ or your shop.

Dual Versatility for ARC and TIG welding

Another feature of the PowerARC 160STH is its versatility. It’s capable as both an ARC and TIG welding machine. Everlast has done wonders with it by giving it reliable capability in both modes.

As such, you can easily switch from work that requires fine detail on aluminum to a steel plate within a matter of minutes.

Options for using with an HF start and Lift start

The 160STH is packed with options for both the HF and Lift start. In the case of HF start, you can use this welder during bad weather or when you have to work in a windy environment.

On the other hand, the device also offers the Lift start option, which is preferable when you are using it without a pedal.

Stable ARC with reliable Hot Start and Inverter feature

In addition to the above, the machine also comes with a smooth and stable arc with its AutoArc feature, which ensures smooth welding capabilities.

This welder from Everlast also has a reliable Hot Start feature.

Everlast PowerARC 160STH Cons

Here are a list of the cons. Read on as we go into more detail about each of them.

  • No AC output
  • Not very powerful

No AC output

Perhaps the most prominent drawback to this machine is that the PowerARC 160STH has no AC output.

This can be a little problematic if you need to work with a lot of aluminum, as DC output is preferable for work with aluminum pieces.

Not the Most Powerful Machine

While the Everlast PowerARC 160STH has adequate power to work on pretty much anything, it is not the most powerful machine you can find on the market.

Still, for a portable light duty machine, it gets the job done.


The Everlast PowerARC 160STH comes with a healthy 5-year parts and service official warranty from the company.

It also gives a 30-day money back guarantee as well.  


To put it simply, if you want a good combo (stick) wielding machine from a reputable and trustworthy brand with excellent value for the money, then the Everlast PowerARC 160STH should be your choice.

This is not just a handy tool but a versatile little welding machine due to its enhanced efficiency and auto-set features coupled with easy handling features.

Although the foot pedal does not come with the package, it is competitively priced and can handle most light duty jobs.  

The Everlast PowerARC 160STH is a pretty nice multi-purpose welding machine and a good value. For TIG welders by Everlast take a look at these:



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