Hobart 190 Review 2021

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Almost similar to most Hobart welders, the Hobart 190 is a versatile and sturdy welder that is suited for both beginner and advanced users. It packs loads of power and is primarily known for its reliable and secure usage.

In our Hobart 190 review, we will go over the various aspects, shedding some light on the pros, cons, standout features, specs, and more that make it a useful purchase.

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Primarily designed for non-industrial usage, Hobart 190 offers the welding functionality of several materials including, steel and aluminum, with ease.

Although it claims a non-industrial usage, it is packed with a significant amount of power. So, even if you are working on extremely heavy-duty jobs, Hobart 190 should work just fine.

Ease of usage is another prominent factor that you need in a welding machine, especially beginners. While the Hobart 190 is very convenient and robust, it also has a versatile make with a user-friendly setup.

Its compatibility with its users makes it even more unique. When you are looking for a machine with the safety features, Hobart 190 is the best option.


While working on the Hobart 190 review, we have noted the specs that stand out, making it one of the best welding machines.

  • Input voltage: 230V, 60Hz
  • Ampere range: 25 to 190 Amp
  • Maximum thickness (steel): 24 gallons
  • Duty cycle: 30 percentage of 130 Amp
  • Wire-speed range: 40 – 700 IPM
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  • Thermal Load protection: the built-in thermal load protection automatically cools the system when it reaches the duty cycle threshold.
  • Multiple voltage support: The Hobart 190 provides seven different voltage supports.
  • In-Built Spool Gun Circuit: To avoid feeding issues, this machine has an in-built spool gun circuit. It provides support to the device to weld stainless steel or aluminum or mild steel efficiently.
  • With 30% of duty-cycle, Hobart 190 works for 3 minutes and then relaxes for the next 7 minutes.
  • Hobart 190 has easy controls that make for a user- friendly interface.


For even a beginner, it is elementary to use Hobart 190 given the only two rotatory knobs for Amperage and voltage control.

Hobart welders are not only smart but quick as well. With a complete instruction manual, it becomes almost effortless to work with this welding machine.

I use this machine for small repairs at home as my hobby. With its 24 different gauge functionality, you can use it to build small DIY projects too. Moreover, you can use it for heavy-duty industrial work, given its high amp range and maximum thickness.

The thickest material which can be welded using the Hobart 190 is 5/16 inches. This machine even works excellent when powered by a generator. You can easily carry it on-site, given the lightweight built.


Sometimes, what we do is, we leave the machine on, even when not in use.

The machine’s wire feed heats up and ultimately leads to short-circuit. To avoid such issues, Hobart 190 has a cooling mechanism that automatically cools down the wire feed after it reaches peak temperature.

It also avoids the short-circuits caused due to the excessive voltage supply. The motor of this welding machine has a defense mechanism to circumvent the thermal overloading of the machine.

This is also one aspect where most people get confused with the Hobart handler 190 vs. Lincoln 180. But, the truth is the input for Hobart is much better suited for beginners than the Lincoln model.

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The Hobart 190 supports seven different power ranges, with a maximum voltage of 230V. Its variable power consumption range and advanced technology altogether provide a perfect arc, reducing the distortion and cracks while welding.

I like the excellent performance of this machine with a 30% duty-cycle. You may also like the infinite wire speed and enhanced magnetic control.


For providing on-site and off-site functionality efficiently, this machine has a very compact design. It weighs only about 89 pounds, which itself justifies its easy transportation from one location to another.

You can also carry it in the Hobart 190 welding cart that comes with its packaging to provide easy portability to the machine.

Hobart 190 Pros
  • Contains safety advancements for its users
  • Very easy to set up
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Works well for mild and heavy-duty materials easily
  • Affordable and worth purchasing
  • Can work when connected with the generator
Hobart 190 Cons
  • A minimum of 7000W generator is required for this machine to work
  • You can’t use it with the household voltage supply

Hobart 190 Verdict

As per our Hobart 190 review, if you mainly work on small to medium welding projects, the Hobart 190 is nothing short of the best. Whether you consider the power, functionality, or accessories, this is a beast of a welder. It is totally worth the investment given the superior make and quality.

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1. Is the Hobart Handler 190 A good welder?

This Hobart Handler 190 welder performs admirably. I use mild steel ER70S-6 Welding City.030 wire. It's simple to modify wire speed and heat while welding out of position with aid assistance.
If your primary focus is on small to medium welding projects, the Hobart 190 is unmatched. Whether the power, functionality, or accessories are considered, this is a monstrous welder. Given the higher build and quality, it is entirely worth the investment.

2. Is HOBART 190 safe?

At times, we leave the machine running even when it is not in use.
The machine's wire feed becomes hot, resulting in a short circuit. To avoid such issues, the Hobart 190 includes an automated cooling mechanism that cools the wire feed when it reaches its maximum temperature.

3. What is the power required by the HOBART 190 to operate?

The Hobart 190 is available in seven distinct power ranges and operates at a maximum voltage of 230V. Its flexible power consumption range and innovative technology work in tandem to provide an ideal arc, minimizing distortion and cracking during welding.
I appreciate this machine's outstanding performance at a 30% duty cycle. Additionally, you may enjoy unlimited wire speed and better magnetic control.

4. How many watts does a Hobart 190 use?

Bear in mind that the welder requires a minimum of 7,000 watts of power to operate. Because the welder is powered by 230 V, it can be used anywhere a 230V power plug is accessible.

5. How thick can a Hobart 190 Weld?

The Hobart Handler 190 is intended for domestic use. However, it retains a good deal of strength, which means it will be capable of doing the odd heavy-duty job. The device is capable of welding materials as thin as 24 gauge and as thick as 56”.

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